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The HeartMath® System

is a scientifically validated system of resilience-building and emotional self-regulation techniques. We can quickly
learn to use these tools to mitigate the effects of stress in REAL TIME. With practice, over time, we improve our capacity for resilience and keep our inner battery charged so we can handle whatever life throws our way.  

Research study outcomes include, but are not limited to: 

  • reduced anxiety and stress, 

  • increased & sustained mental clarity,

  • increased DHEA levels (vitality and performance-enhancing hormone), 

  • reduced hypertension, 

  • improved sleep quality, 

  • enhanced immune function (so you don't catch every bug that's going around),

  • enhanced creativity, improved brain performance and test taking ability, 

  • improved intuition,

  • positive emotional states,

  • enhanced communication and relationship satisfaction, and 

  • improved overall perception of well-being.  


For specific research results, CLICK HERE.

Personal and Social Benefits

unleash your best self
at work and at home

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