Integrative Wellness Coaching

Barbara, a Registered Nurse, collaborates with you (and your health care provider, if you desire) to co-create a practical approach to optimize your wellness plan. You'll learn simple strategies to integrate before, during and after your treatment - to support a state of harmony and balance, and create an optimal environment to unleash your innate healing capacity.


Peak Performance


Relationship | Career | Vibrant Energy  

​What's your heart's desire? Do you "want it all" but struggle with balance? You're NOT alone! Life can leave us sleepless and exhausted. As a coach, individuals contact me when when they're in the midst of burnout and health or relationship challenges. YES, our sessions can facilitate the recovery of inner balance. AND my  focus is on PREVENTION! I can support you to THRIVE, not just survive in life!



An ancient technique for stress reduction and ​ relaxation, Reiki enhances your body's innate healing capability and supports personal development.  25+ years experience as a Reiki practitioner and Master-Teacher offers Barbara the joyful opportunity to witness the expansion of hearts and minds, as well as profound shifts in consciousness. 


Aroma Freedom Technique™

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is designed to help you move forward toward your goals by removing subconscious mental and emotional blocks. Barbara, a Certified AFT Practitioner, guides you through a 12 step process that incorporates imagery, aromatherapy, and the best portions of traditional psychological modalities.