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Ever heard of it? It's like the ancient chill pill for your soul!


Picture this: a non-invasive technique that's the superhero of STRESS REDUCTION and RELAXATION. Reiki isn't just your average healing method; it's your body's cheerleader, boosting its natural healing powers while giving your personal development a stellar high-five. With over 25 years mastering the Reiki mojo, I've witnessed hearts, minds and consciousness expand exponentially!

Is this sounding a bit too "WOO-WOO" for you? Hold onto your stethoscope because Reiki's gone mainstream! It's not just rubbing elbows; it's cozying up to the heavy hitters at Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and even UCLA Medical Center. White-coat warriors—doctors, nurses, therapists, and even cape-wearing superheroes (first responders) have received sessions AND attended my Reiki classes. Not just to save the day for patients, but to give themselves some much-needed TLC. In today's world, professional burnout, secondary trauma and compassion fatigue is  rampant. Reiki helps to enhance emotional immunity, build resilience, and offset that pesky energy drain.



Now, let's chat HEART-to-HEART—literally! The HeartMath Institute decoded the heart's Morse Code to the brain. My game plan? To tap into that heart energy, supercharge your vitality, and create a spa day for your soul. It's all about reigniting your inner spark and creating heart coherence while activating the parasympathetic nervous system for some serious relaxation.


Are you a Healthy Skeptic who appreciates a scientific peek behind the curtain? Well, greetings, fellow science sleuth! How about a before-and-after Reiki heart rate variability (HRV) assessment during an in-office session? I've got my trusty sidekick—HeartMath's emWave®Pro Plus tech.



And hey, for those remote sessions, if you've got an Inner Balance™ Coherence Plus sensor, let's turn you into a Reiki science whiz—keeping tabs on your heart's cosmic dance before, during, and after our rejuvenating Reiki session. We've seen some impressive improvements in the baseline and more research is emerging each day. 


ancient, non-invasive technique for STRESS REDUCTION and RELAXATION, Reiki enhances your body's innate healing capacity and supports personal development. 25+ years experience as a Reiki practitioner and Master-Teacher offers Barb the joyful opportunity to witness the expansion of hearts and minds, as well as profound shifts in consciousness.​

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Reiki Treatment
Reiki Therapy
  • "Fewer MOOD SWINGS and less SADNESS"

  • "PANIC ATTACKS are gone"

  • "BACK PAIN is of all opiates after 8 years"


  • "More husband thanks you...we argue less..."

  • "My DREAMS are more vivid and insightful"

  • "MIGRAINES are less frequent"

  • "I feel more MEANING, PURPOSE and PASSION"

  • "Significantly less NAUSEA during last round of CHEMO"


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