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empowerment with plant wisdom

Aroma alchemy process 

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Ever asked yourself, “What's going on with ME?" or “Why isn't IT happening for me?"


It's a common tug-of-war: Our brains get it, but taking new action seems overwhelming. We might turn inward, questioning ourselves for not hitting that mark "once again." Sometimes, it's like our internal GPS needs a coherent destination to steer us in the right direction!


What if those inner obstacles stem from emotions lurking in the shadows of our psyche?


What if there's a simple, non-invasive solution to swiftly dismantle those barriers and challenges?


Imagine experiencing this transformative process virtually, right from the comfort of Zoom.


Enter Aroma Alchemy—an avenue to bridge the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be.


READY to unlock the door to transformation?
Aroma Alchemy
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numb emotions

What EXACTLY IS  aroma alchemy?

It's like a magical potion blending handcrafted, Light-Encoded STAR CODE Alchemy Essential Oils with some serious intention-setting, deep breaths and innovative visualizations.


This dynamic fusion of well-established psycho-therapeutic methods and crystal-infused aromatherapy acts with ninja-like swiftness to shake things up and transform those sneaky subconscious emotions, beliefs, memories, and thoughts towards your heart's wildest dreams. Originating from the genius of Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a clinical psychologist with a cool two decades in the biz, it's the technique that's getting all the intergalactic buzz for its role in trauma release, brain wizardry, and achieving that personal 'Ta-da!' moment.


So, what happens when you're in a session?


Buckle up! Guided by a trained Facilitator (yes, someone who's got the secret code to transformation), you're going on a whirlwind adventure:


FIRST, we'll fine-tune your goals and intentions, aligning them with your heart's top-secret inner blueprint.

NEXT, you'll be whisked away on a self-awareness rollercoaster, uncovering thoughts, emotions, experiences, and beliefs that might have been hiding in your mental closet.

THEN, cue the power of plant medicine, our crystal-infused essential oils! They're the "rock stars" in the equation, excavating those mental blocks to make room for new thoughts and limitless possibilities to emerge.

LASTLY, we'll create an action plan together, like pastry chefs baking an exquisite  new chocolate creation (ok maybe that's just my interpretation...YOU get to create whatever it is that you desire). Oh, and there's a special essential oil just for you to continue this aromatic journey at home.

The FIRST SESSION lasts 90 minutes (with a bonus 15-minute follow-up within 2 weeks). The actual time might fluctuate a bit, but it's all to ensure the journey is smooth and your questions find their inner-wizard answers. And just a heads-up, I'm not a therapist or counselor—more like your guide on this cosmic road trip of transformation.

Can Aroma alchemy make you feel like a superhero?


Absolutely! Think of the first session as the grand unveiling of your superhero cape. As you get more comfortable, you might want to grab another session with me or go solo.


Do I need to buy Essential Oils?


Nope! Your session includes everything you need—essential oils for your session and a bonus bottle for some home aromatherapy adventures.


*NOTE: For your Zoom session, just allow 7 days for your mini kit to arrive (U.S. ground shipping's on the house). International shipping? Well, that's a different story—so plan accordingly. Oh, and remember, you've gotta have those oils before our session. Super important!


Ready to book your cosmic adventure?


Just SCROLL DOWN. Sessions are available live or via Zoom. And hey, couples or a squad of pals might want to join forces for a group session—just hit me up to chat about it. If we're meeting virtually, your mini kit will be on its way to you (international friends, let's chat about shipping, too).


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