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  • Dealing with a health challenge?

  • Keen on giving your immune system a boost?

  • Want to keep your wellness game strong?

  • Or maybe you're just sprucing up your current wellness routine?


Enter the world of essential oils (EOs)—your pint-sized wellness superheroes! My essential oil expedition began back in massage school, and let me tell you, I was blissfully unaware of the essential-oil-brand jungle out there! As I started using these oils in my practice, something magical happened—not only did my clients feel the difference, but I swear these oils were supporting me through my massage and energy work!


To throw in some science talk, I teamed up with a naturopathic doctor and a biophysicist for some research and investigation. Lo and behold, we witnessed some measurable magic. These top-notch oils proved their worth time and again, coming to the rescue in all sorts of practical situations.


Let's flip through history—essential oils aren't newbies to the wellness scene! They've been around the block for ages. We're talking over 200 shout-outs to aromatics, incense, and ointments in the Bible's Old and New Testaments. Frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon—those biblical superstars—were hailed for anointing and nursing the sick.


So, can these plant-derived oils work their wellness wonders today?

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