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Advanced etheric soul blueprint alignment


virtual session
Customized just for you...
from the vortex energies of Sedona, AZ

pyramid treatment sedona.jpg

As an Energetic Heart Catalyst, I collaborate with your Divine Healing team to realign, restore, and reignite Heart Light Codes on an etheric level. Your heart serves as the cornerstone for profound healing, fostering integration across physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Life's journey can often leave imbalances, energy blocks, or lingering emotions, beliefs, and thoughts.


This session is a compass for heart-centered healing, elevating your vibrational frequency and reigniting the spark within. Clients have reported heightened intuition and a newfound ability to harmonize with and manifest their heart's deepest desires.


This transformative experience may encompass:


  • Reiki energy work

  • Essential Oil Anointing targeting specific energy centers

  • Sound frequency through tuning forks

  • Heart-centered intuitive coaching and intention-setting

To further support your transformation, optional Home Care includes a Customized Aromablend (10 ml rollerball applicator). Feel free to inquire about additional fees and shipping options.


​​90 minutes  $333                                                        

This virtual session takes place within an etheric Light device, a

8-foot copper pyramid. The capstone, a key component in Light Amplification, was custom-crafted by Rion De'Rouen, founder of TEAM LIGHT.

This High Frequency Light Tool supports Accelerated Activation, Creativity, and Protection.

It’s the only one of its kind on the planet!

Want to know more about the pyramid?

Scroll down!

A pyramid?

Pyramids: the OG architects' cosmic statement! Egypt's Great Pyramid is like the rock star of ancient architecture, right? But hold onto your starships—let's talk 'Fire In the Middle' vibes!


Picture this: Rion De'Rouen's creation, a double Nubian Pyramid (yes, a pyramid within a pyramid), isn't just your average ancient wonder. It’s got a 7-inch Brazilian Vogel crystal at its heart, cozied up with a Copper Coil. This crystal's playing the lead in a cosmic dance with a 12-sided Star Tetrahedron, spinning vibes that could make a comet jealous!


What makes this creation out-of-this-world? It's the crystal crew—AQUA AURA, ROSE GOLD, ANGELIC QUARTZ, and the VIP, BLUE AZURITE from Madagascar, all belting out a harmony of healing frequencies.


But wait, there's more—this crystal crew's got style! They’re bonded with 24kt Gold, creating Light spectrums that'd make aliens go, "Whoa, that's some fifth-dimensional jazz!" And that's just the tip of the iceberg! The foundation layer's rocking Ukrainian Shungite, Titanium, Neodymium, and more—a cocktail for Co2 reversal that even the cosmic unicorns envy.


And guess what? Lightning-charged fulgurite from Thunder Mountain in Sedona, Arizona, crashed this party too!


At TEAM LIGHT, they've got the cosmic goods. Ready to beam aboard and discover your own custom pyramid or other celestial wonders? Mention Barbara—it's your cosmic pass to a stellar journey!             

Clients Report Feeling:

  • "Relaxed" ... like a Zen master on a hammock.

  • "Hopeful" ... as if a cosmic rainbow appeared in their sky.

  • "Rejuvenated" ... ready to take on the world like a superhero after a power-up.

  • "Nurtured" ... like a warm hug for the soul.

  • "Recharged" ... as if their energy levels went from 'low battery' to 'full bars'.

  • "Focused" ... like a laser beam zeroed in on their goals.

  • "Balanced" ... walking that tightrope of life with grace and poise.

  • "Re-connected to my Highest Purpose" ... as if they found their cosmic North Star in the universe.

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