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STressed? confused?

Unlocking Spiritual Insights for Your Journey


Step into a realm where insights meet intuition: Intuitive Oracle Readings. It's like having a personal compass guiding you through life's twists and turns.


In our session, I delve deep into my favorite decks, tuning in to decode the spiritual messages meant just for you. This isn’t just about cards; it’s a fusion of intuition and practical guidance tailored to your unique path. I bring not just spiritual support but also a heart-based coaching perspective to navigate your current scenario.


Capture your card spread because these cards reveal fresh perspectives each time you revisit them. Your evolving self meets evolving insights—it’s like a dynamic dance of awareness!


Keep a notepad handy to jot down notes during our session. You might be surprised by how your intuition gets a power boost in this space. Your insights matter, so let’s honor that inner wisdom of yours.


By the end of our session, you'll walk away feeling empowered, clear-headed, and activated to embrace the next steps on your journey." deeper insights into a current situation or experience. They may provide the support, relief or validation that helps you to lean in and move forward with ease, clarity, and guidance.


virtual Session OPTIONS
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After our session, Barbara curates a unique gem elixir (alchemy of plant & mineral spirit) to support your intentions.  

10 ml roller bottle: essential oils, organic coconut oil, Sedona red rocks, 24 kt. gold flakes, & unlimited potential.

Etherically cleared and charged in a 9 foot copper orgonite pyramid. Includes your natal chart with transits. Blend will be shipped within 5 business days.

*INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: email Barb for additional shipping quotes for Gem Elixir. 

Shipping fee will be billed to client retroactively. Please add to your contacts to ensure a seamless connection.


Please be aware there may be Customs Duties and Taxes that your country requires you to pay in order to receive your package. We recommend searching your specific country's latest guidelines prior to placing an order.

(Image Credit: Spirit Cards Oracle Deck by John Moseley and Magical Dimensions Oracle Deck by Lightstar)

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading
Card + Oil
Image by Jen Theodore
Magical Dimensions Oracle Deck Box Cover
Image by Edz Norton
Image by Bart LaRue
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