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STressed? confused?

Intuitive Oracle Readings are a great way to get deeper insight into a current situation or experience. They may provide the support, relief or validation that will help you to lean in and move forward with ease, clarity, and guidance.


During your session, Barb uses her favorite decks to tune into your inquiry and add any intuitive interpretation of messages that come through for you. In addition to intuitive and spiritual support, Barb offers her perspective as a heart-based coach/mentor. This unique session offers practical, actionable ways to navigate your current circumstance.


You're encouraged to take a photo of your card spread so you may reflect upon it after our session. Often, new awareness emerges each time you view your spread – as you're different in each moment, so is your perspective and perception.


Have a notepad handy to take notes throughout your reading — you may find that your own intuition is enhanced in Barb’s heart coherent frequency. Personal insights are deeply valuable so don’t dismiss your inner wisdom.


You’ll leave your session Empowered, Clear and Activated!


30 minute session is basic card spread with interpretation

60 minute session includes above + spiritual coaching, integration tips & action plan kickstart


(Image Credit: Spirit Cards Oracle Deck by John Moseley and Magical Dimensions Oracle Deck by Lightstar)


Sessions available
in person in sedona, AZ
 or online
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