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Reiki Session

Wondering what unfolds during a reiki Session?

You'll remain fully clothed, ensuring comfort while allowing energy to flow freely (shoes off, and any snug belts and collars loosened). Your choice of relaxation is key—a sofa, massage table or a comfy chair are best.


In the traditional Reiki practice, the practitioner's hands find their place around various positions—head, shoulders, stomach, knees, feet, or back. Guided by intuition, each position receives 3-4 minutes of hands-on or etheric biofield attention, tailored to the practitioner's certification level. On average, my sessions run between 45-60 minutes, with a brief window for post-session discussion.


What's the atmosphere during a Reiki session?


Imagine a serene, glowing aura that brings deep relaxation. It's like a gentle reset—restoring equilibrium and vitality, touching upon physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.


Now, onto the conditions supported:


Reiki serves as a gentle yet impactful complement to medical or supplemental healing methods. However, it's essential to clarify—it doesn't replace traditional medical or behavioral health treatments. For any inquiries, consulting your regular health care professional is strongly recommended.


Here's the science:


During relaxation, your body taps into its innate healing potential triggered by the RELAXATION response - supported by parasympathetic nervous system activation. When chronic stress is present, relaxation can be a rare treasure.


Enter Reiki—it accumulates stress-relief, akin to stress accumulating in the body. Results accrue over sessions, though often noticed after just one or two, based upon your wellness baseline.


In terms of its workings, imagine the principles of acupuncture. Reiki is thought to balance, invigorate, and align the body by unblocking or revitalizing the "chi" energy while replenishing depleted reserves. This energy stems directly from the highest spiritual Source, aiding the recipient's body in relaxation and self-healing—where the practitioner serves as a facilitator.

How does it work at a distance? 


Given the connectivity per quantum physics, distance doesn't hinder Reiki's impact; in fact, remote sessions reportedly yield comparable or enhanced results. 

Is there a way to measure REIKi's impact?We're GLAD YOU ASKED!!
One way to measure the impact of Reiki is to use HeartMath's emWave®Pro technology.

If you desire a pre and post-Reiki heart rate variability (HRV) assessment, mention it when reserving your in-office session!

If you're receiving a distance Reiki session and you own an Inner Balance™ Coherence Plus sensor, you can do your own study before, during and after the session.

We've seen measurable improvements in baseline and are doing more research to support the validation of subtle energy work on the body.
  • In-Office

  • Distance / Virtual (Phone or Zoom)

    • 60 min: $222

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