Reiki Sessions

What does a Reiki Session consist of?

Client remains fully clothed (shoes removed/tight belts loosened to allow energy to flow freely). Client lies on a massage table or sits in a comfortable chair during this private session.

A standard session consists of the practitioner placing their hands on or just above various  positions around the head, shoulders, stomach, knees, feet and back. In addition, the practitioner may use intuition to be guided for specific client conditions. Each position is held for approximately 3 to 5 minutes - the entire session usually lasts an average of 30-60 minutes, depending on the practitioner's certification level and the client's needs.

A Reiki session creates a wonderful, glowing radiance that is deeply relaxing and may include feelings of rebalance or rejuvenation for both client and practitioner, among them physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

What conditions may be supported?

Reiki is both gentle and impactful. It supports any medical or supplemental healing method, however, it is NOT to be considered a substitute for traditional medical or behavioral health treatment. We recommend that you consult with your regular health care professional for any questions.

How Does Reiki Work?

During relaxation, the body's innate healing potential is stimulated -  Reiki facilitates the RELAXATION response. Under chronic STRESS, the body gets accustomed to an "overdrive" state...relaxation may be difficult. Just as stress accumulates in the body, so does Reiki! Session results are cumulative, however, benefits are often noted after the first session or two, depending on the individual's wellness baseline.


Research is attempting to explain the mechanics of this gentle, non-invasive modality. It's thought that Reiki may work similarly to acupuncture since it rebalances, revitalizes and realigns the body by removing blocked or stagnant "chi" (energy) and replenishes stores of deficient energy. This energy comes directly from the highest spiritual Source and supports the recipient's body in relaxing and healing itself - the practitioner is simply a facilitator. Quantum physics states that we're all connected and that energy has no boundaries, so Reiki may be sent REMOTELY (distance) with equal or, often reportedly, better results than during an in-person session.

Is there a way to measure the impact of Reiki?

With HeartMath's emWave®Pro Plus technology, if you desire a pre and post-Reiki heart rate variability (HRV) assessment, just ask Barb when you reserve an in-office session! If you're receiving a distance Reiki session and you own an Inner Balance sensor, you can do your own study before, during and after the session. We've seen measurable improvements in baseline and are doing more research to support the validation of subtle energy work on the body.

  • In-Office

  • Distance / Virtual (Phone or Zoom)

    • 30 min: $111 

    • 60 min: $222

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