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It's an Honor to Meet You

Hey, it’s Barbara, your go-to Integrative Wellness Consultant, Resilience Educator, and HeartMath® Certified Master Trainer, Coach and Mentor. Yes, I have the unique privilege of training New HeartMath® TRAINERS!!


Drawing from over 30 years of leadership expertise, I'm here to bring heart-centered solutions to individuals and groups yearning for heightened resilience, performance, amplified energy, and overall well-being. AND I’m on a mission to make it both effective and fun.


In private coaching sessions—whether it's over the phone, via Zoom, or in-office—I tailor evidence-based techniques that hone resilience and tame stress. Additionally, through group workshops, held onsite or virtually, we delve into a world of practices designed to elevate resilience and mitigate stressors for everyone involved. Let’s team up to co-navigate the realms of well-being, vitality, and peak performance.


Ready to ignite resilience and elevate your well-being? Let's unleash that
more vibrant, balanced and empowered version of you!


Mission: Heart Wide Open

With 40 years in the nursing profession, I've peered into many life stories—embracing the heartache of illness and savoring the heartfelt joy of healing. It’s all part of our earthly curriculum, our "heart" knocks that teach us lessons beyond measure.


Simply focusing on physical symptoms isn't enough; it’s like skimming the surface of a much deeper pool. We risk missing the subtle emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic cues underlying our well-being. As humans, we share a profound commonality, far more than what divides us. These shared experiences, our collective moments, guide us to “feel”, “deal”, and ultimately “heal”. It's through these experiences that we discover resilience, strength, and perhaps even transformation—should we allow it.


My role is to serve as a catalyst for your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Not to do things "for you," but to guide you back to your inner well of wisdom, passion, resilience, and vitality.


For some, it’s about revisiting and releasing the past; for others, it’s navigating the maze of "uncertainty anxiety" or breaking free from "analysis paralysis." And for most of us, it’s embracing the art of living in the moment—finding contentment in what we have rather than yearning for what we lack. It’s about uncovering the joy and peace that patiently await us within ourselves, in places we might not have yet explored.

barbara hudak, rn, bsn, ms

  • HeartMath® Resilient Heart (Trauma Sensitive) Certification

  • E.S.I. Wisdom™ Certified Practitioner (2021)

  • Aroma Freedom Technique™ Certified Practitioner

  • HeartMath® Certification (2010)

    • Master Trainer, Coach/Mentor,  Interventions Practitioner

  • Spa Director Certification (1999)

  • Reiki Master Teacher - Usui lineage (1998)

  • Master of Science (1998)

    • Community Health Admin., Wellness Promotion

  • Bachelor of Science - Nursing (1984)

professional memberships
& awards


  • Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

  • American Holistic Nurses Association

  • Mayo Clinic Individual Award for Service Excellence

  • U.S. Air Force Distinguished Flight Nurse Award

pilot study
Mayo Clinic


The impact of stress is evident in this version of me in 2010.

Back then, I "normalized" stress and had no idea that today I'd be supporting others in self-care and burnout prevention.

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Lessons from Patients

After years of seeking my own divine purpose, I uncovered my calling—to aid individuals in awakening their innate self-healing potential and embracing a heart-centered way of life.


Why the heart, you might ask?


In the hush of 12-hour night shifts, I wasn't just listening with my ears but with a heart attuned to the unsaid. Amidst hospital walls, patients shared reflections on life. Not once did I hear, “I wish I’d spent more time at work.” Instead, it was the longing for precious moments with family, regrets about ignoring their inner compass, and unfulfilled dreams lingering in their hearts. Too many departed with desires unmet and missions left seemingly unfulfilled.


Does this resonate for you? The good news—it’s never too late! As long as breath fills our lungs, transformation is within reach! Today, more individuals are awakening to their truth, embarking on an authentic, heart-centered journey, embracing vitality, and claiming their birthright!


My purpose? To guide you toward a more heartful existence—are you ready to take that leap?

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