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It's an Honor to Meet You

I’m Barbara, an Integrative Wellness Consultant, Resilience Educator, HeartMath® Certified Master Trainer, Coach/Mentor and Practitioner. With 25+ years of leadership experience, I offer heart-based solutions to individuals and groups who seek enhanced levels of resilience, performance, energy and well-being.


Private coaching sessions (phone, Zoom, in-office) and group workshops (onsite or virtual) focus on evidence-based resilience and stress mitigation techniques.​


Mission: Heart Wide Open

A 35+ year nursing profession offered a glimpse into many patients' lives: the heartache of illness and the heartfelt joy of healing. It's all part of our Earth school of "heart" knocks".  

Focus on physical symptoms of dis-ease is NOT sufficient; we may miss subtle emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic clues as to why we’re unwell. I'm learning that as humans being, we have much more in common than what we perceive as differences. Our sharing of common experiences helps us to “feel”, “deal” and “heal”. In the end, we’re stronger, more resilient and may even be transformed by our experiences…IF we choose to allow for transformation.

​My intention is to serve as a catalyst for self-discovery and personal growth. Not to do things “for you”, but rather, to assist you to reconnect to your inner wisdom, passion, resilience and vitality.


For some, that may mean reviewing and clearing the past, for others it’s learning to mitigate “uncertainty anxiety” or “analysis paralysis".  For most of us, it’s learning to LIVE IN THE MOMENT (regardless of what life brings our way), to appreciate what we have, rather than resent what we lack.  To find the joy and peace that's patiently waiting for a place we may not have considered exploring…within our selves!

barbara hudak, rn, bsn, ms

  • HeartMath Resilient Heart (Trauma Sensitive) Certification

  • E.S.I. Wisdom™ Certified Practitioner (2021)

  • Aroma Freedom Technique™ Certified Practitioner

  • HeartMath Certification (2010)

    • Senior Trainer, Coach/Mentor,  Interventions Practitioner

  • Reiki Master Teacher - Usui lineage (1998)

  • Master of Science (1998)

    • Community Health Admin., Wellness Promotion

  • Bachelor of Science - Nursing (1984)

professional memberships
& awards


  • Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

  • American Holistic Nurses Association

  • Mayo Clinic Individual Award for Service Excellence

  • U.S. Air Force Distinguished Flight Nurse Award

pilot study at
Mayo Clinic


The impact of stress is evident in this version of myself in 2010.

Back then, I "normalized" stress and had no idea that today I'd be supporting others in self-care and burnout prevention.

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Lessons from Patients

Decades of searching for my own divine purpose led to a realization that I am here to support people in their awakening their innate self-healing potential and the transition to heart-based living.

Why live from the heart?

During my 12 hour night shifts, I listened a lot...with my ears AND a receptive heart tuned in to the essence of what was and was NOT being said. As patients reflected on their life from a hospital bed, I never heard anyone say, “I wish I’d spent more time at work”.  I DID hear: “I wish I’d spent more time with my kids/family" AND “I wish I listened to my gut instead of other people...I never wanted to be/do (insert current job)...” So many people left this earth with their deepest desires un-realized, dreams un-manifested and innate missions un-fulfilled.  

Sound familiar? It’s not too late! As long as we're breathing, we have the opportunity to transform our life! More than ever before, individuals are awakening to their truth and taking steps to live an authentic heart-based, vibrant life. This is everyone’s birthright!

Helping you to live more heartfully is why I'm here-are you ready?

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