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a personal victory 

from my HEART to yours

Public Speaking is one of the Top 3 Fears for humans! I'm no different - I once told my college speech professor that I had to "skip class since grandma passed away". That was kind of true...grandma DID pass away...when I was in 7th grade!! I did everything I could to avoid public speaking and the associated anxiety, nausea, and heart palpitations. I even threw up once before a speech - yuck!!

At work meetings, I'd try to calm myself so colleagues wouldn't see me shaking. My boss, and good friend (and eloquent speaker), saw my struggle and suggested Toastmasters. It helped but I was still very nervous. When my CNO offered me an opportunity to become a HeartMath trainer for Mayo Clinic, I initially declined. She promised that I'd learn techniques to "transform stress in the moment". "We'll see", I said to myself. 


Over the past 14 years as a trainer/coach, the HeartMath system has transformed my life!  Do I still get a little nervous? Sure, but now I channel that energy into playful enthusiasm. And I get to share these techniques with clients and students.


In 2016, I decided to conquer my fear of public speaking by auditioning for my (and my late hubby, Steve's) favorite TV game show: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  Three weeks after auditioning on Skype, my family and dear friend were driving to Las Vegas to tape the show! Below are a few photos from the episodes that aired Jan 18-19, 2017.


I share this to inspire YOU! you, too, can be liberated from your fears! I'm honored to be your coach, if you wish to explore.

By the way, did I win a million dollars??? All I can say is that it's tougher than it looks sitting on the couch at home. Plus, Chris Harrison's blue eyes are quite distracting in person...what a nice man with a gentle heart vibe!  Let's just say I FELT like a million bucks that day...

Photos courtesy: MillionaireWanted38 (YouTube)

day 2 - chris after chatting about Steve2
barb and chris welcome hug day 1
day 1 - $1000 question
Barb and Chris Harrison
day 2 - $7000 question - ask the audience
day 2 - $10000 question - calling on Plus One Mark2
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