a personal victory 

from my HEART to yours

Public Speaking is one of the Top 3 Fears for humans! I'm no different - I once told my college speech professor that I had to "skip class since grandma passed away". That was kind of true...grandma DID pass away...when I was in 7th grade!! I did everything I could to avoid public speaking and the associated anxiety, nausea, and heart palpitations. I even threw up once before a speech - yuck!!

At work meetings, I'd try to calm myself so colleagues wouldn't see me shaking. My boss, and good friend (and eloquent speaker), saw my struggle and suggested Toastmasters. It helped but I was still very nervous. When my CNO offered me an opportunity to become a HeartMath trainer for Mayo Clinic, I initially declined. She promised that I'd learn techniques to "transform stress in the moment". "We'll see", I said to myself. 


Over the past 14 years as a trainer/coach, the HeartMath system has transformed my life!  Do I still get a little nervous? Sure, but now I channel that energy into playful enthusiasm. And I get to share these techniques with clients and students.


In 2016, I decided to conquer my fear of public speaking by auditioning for my (and my late hubby, Steve's) favorite TV game show: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  Three weeks after auditioning on Skype, my family and dear friend were driving to Las Vegas to tape the show! Below is a video of the episodes that aired Jan 18-19, 2017. FORWARD to the 52 minute mark to see my episodes.


I share this to inspire YOU! you, too, can be liberated from your fears! I'm honored to be your coach, if you wish to explore.

By the way, did I win a million dollars???  You'll have to tune in...but don't laugh too hard...it's tougher than it looks sitting on the couch at home. Plus, Chris Harrison's blue eyes are so distracting in person...what a nice man with a strong heart vibe!  Let's just say I FELT like a million bucks that day...

Video and photos courtesy: MillionaireWanted38 (YouTube)

day 2 - chris after chatting about Steve2
barb and chris welcome hug day 1
day 1 - $1000 question
Barb and Chris Harrison
day 2 - $7000 question - ask the audience
day 2 - $10000 question - calling on Plus One Mark2