What's the Deal with these Products?
Can A Coach Help ME to optimize my Practice?

  • Do I NEED technology to practice the HeartMath® techniques?  NO...

  • Can technology measure what is happening in my body IN THE MOMENT?   YES!!

  • Can technology motivate me by tracking my progress?  YES!!!

  • Can a HeartMath® Certified Coach help you to optimize your use of the technology? ABSOLUTELY!!

Why is technology helpful? Sadly, many clients contact me after they purchased a device and gave up! A coach can help you better understand the data and how it can amplify your practice --- before long, you can see and FEEL significant improvements!


Some of my clients had been using the technology or meditating a LONG time and felt confident that their practice was beneficial. In most cases, it is. But are you certain that you consistently achieve a desired benefit? There is a BIG difference between relaxation and coherence! Relaxation is simply one part of a de-stress equation - your heart rate generally slows down and you may feel better than when you're stressed. Yet, there is an added benefit of heart-mind coherence on heart rate variability that is scientifically validated...and measurable. You may be surprised to find that you are less coherent than you think! And you may be missing the "feel good" hormonal benefits - in the moment and over time!

This technology is easy to use and available in a variety of packaging, depending on your needs:

  • iPhone or iPad? Grab the Inner Balance wired sensor (less expensive than the Bluetooth).

  • Android? Prefer a wireless sensor? Reach for the Inner Balance Bluetooth.

  • PC/Mac access for multiple family members? Have a Health care practice? Want to play games to build coherence and resilience? The emWave Pro is for you!  A Pro Plus version is available for clinical assessments.


For more details, visit www.heartmath.com OR contact me to purchase your sensor. 



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emWAVE Pro