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7th generation Usui Reiki practitioner and master teacher with over 20 years experience, Barbara is honored to share this practice with those who are drawn to it. Reiki is an empowering self-care and relaxation technique that maintains our body, mind and spirit in harmony, strength and balance. 


We may become less susceptible to physical and emotional "viruses" that take advantage of a stressed and weakened immune system. We may even prevent some dis-ease. WE can become our own healer, as well as share it with others.

Why Learn Reiki? 

Once you are attuned to Reiki, you are able to transmit it to yourself or share it with others. And this capability lasts a lifetime! Anyone can learn Reiki - there are no prerequisites or requirements. Reiki supports not only physical well-being but also emotional, mental or spiritual well-being.  

Benefits of Being a Reiki Practitioner: 

  • Reiki is a supportive modality that is available to you at anytime, 

  • Reiki supports allopathic medicine and any other integrative therapies,

  • Reiki serves as a catalyst for the Highest Good for yourself or others,​​

  • Reiki expands insight, intuition and self-discovery, 

  • Reiki supports without draining your energy or taking on other's energies,  

  • Reiki is relaxing and supports stress management, 

  • Reiki helps to improve relationships, with our self and with others.

  • In-Office 

  • Distance/Virtual

    • Phone

    • Zoom

  • 30 min: $77

  • 60 min: $144


Reiki Levels I & II

This 2-day intensive class offers Levels I and II (First and Second Degree). Our classroom setting is small, informal and interactive with plenty of time for discussion and practice with the Reiki energy healing techniques. There is no prerequisite for Reiki Level I and II.


Day 1:  Reiki Level I – Begin Within

Level I focuses on self care as all true healing begins within. Students learn:

• Reiki – what is it?

• History and background of Usui Reiki Ryoho and the Reiki Ideals

• How to create time and sacred space for self-Reiki

• Reiki benefits and applications

• Energy center balancing and clearing meditations

• Instruction and practice - how to perform Reiki on yourself


Day 2:  Reiki Level II – Serving Others

Level II offers upleveled energies to support self or others. Students learn:

• Three Level 2 symbols with full instructions and applications

• Additional techniques to offer Reiki as a relaxation and healing treatment

• How to share distance Reiki with others

• Creating a Reiki practice - forms and documentation

• Instruction and practice on others (with Reiki Symbols)



While practice takes place during class, it is expected that you will set aside an hour each day for self-practice (for at least 21 days) to fully integrate the Level I energies.  In addition, practicing Reiki on others (one evening/week for several weeks) will assist you in gaining experience and confidence to fully utilize the Reiki training and your investment.


 Investment: $288* (includes 170 pg manual + certificate) 

                  * Invite a friend and receive $25 off of your investment.                    



Reiki Level III

A 3-day intensive class that can transform your life! 

Our classroom is limited to 4 students and offers ample time for practice, interaction and discussion. Prerequisite: Level II Certificate. 

Day 1: Advanced Level

A prerequisite for Master Level, this class may be taken separately.

Students learn several techniques to amplify Reiki energies in higher service:

• Usui Master symbol/attunement – higher vibrational capabilities and enhances
Reiki II symbol effectiveness

• Reiki meditation - expands consciousness, increases effectiveness

• Using crystals with Reiki to create a supportive grid to continuously send Reiki

• Reiki Etheric Surgery – non-invasive yet powerful technique to allow the student to remove negative energy that might normally take multiple sessions to release.


Days 2-3: Master Level

Prerequisite: Advanced Level Certificate.
This 2-day intensive offers all the training requirements to serve as a successful teacher, however, teaching is not for everyone! This class is for anyone who desires full access to Reiki energy in order to progress on their spiritual path, to be able to attune others, or is considering becoming a teacher of Reiki. Training consists of:

• Two Tibetan symbols (total of 6 symbols)

• Full Usui/Tibetan Master attunement

• Instruction and practice time in passing all attunements including Reiki Master

• Meditation that expands and harmonizes the energy pathways and chakra system

• Instruction on how to give a healing attunement to deepen healing potentials.


 Investment: $555* (includes 170 pg manual + certificate) 

                  * Invite a friend and receive $50 off of your investment. 

I am happy to support Master Level students who wish to continue their Teacher path. Please contact me to discuss apprenticeship options. 


While practice takes place during class, it is expected that you will set aside an hour each day for self-practice (for at least 21 days) to fully integrate the Level III energies.  In addition, practicing Reiki attunements on others (one evening per week for several weeks) will assist you in gaining experience and confidence to fully utilize the Reiki training and your investment.

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