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be your own superhero


​Life's an intricate puzzle, isn't it? Balancing career, health concerns, family dynamics,
the chaos of pets, social circles, and a to-do list that seems to have a mind of its own.


Ever caught yourself in the mirror and wondered, "Who's running my life today?"


Nighttime, when the brain decides it's the prime time for stress: high blood pressure barges in, indigestion sets up camp, and anxiety takes center stage like an overplayed tune.



Work-Life Balance is teetering, relationships need a decoder ring, and passion and purpose seem to be on sabbatical.


                    fear not, you're not on this journey alone.



Step one? AWARENESS. We're all navigating the "Am I Doing This Right?" maze. Even the most accomplished folks have their moments of uncertainty.


The secret ingredient? COURAGE!! Embracing the hero's journey within. Those who thrive in this space are all about self-discovery, reshaping energy dynamics, and acknowledging when they need support.


Enter me — I've walked through my fair share of dark nights of the soul (maybe more than a few). I truly understand the art of putting on a brave face while feeling like the world expects you to have it all together on the outside.


I offer a fusion of two decades of intuitive healing and the evidence-based methodologies of HeartMath® Techniques! Together, we'll engineer a blueprint to bid stress farewell, make strategic choices, and rewrite your response manual for life's triggers.


With practice, you'll become the maestro orchestrating life's challenges. Picture shedding outdated versions of yourself, bidding farewell to limiting beliefs, and harmonizing with the symphony of your authentic self at the CORE.


Are you prepared to embark on this transformative journey to a stress-free, aligned version of yourself?

private coaching

zoom or phone

bundle deals available

Therapy Session

Coaching is

one way to get from
where you are...

to where you

 DESIRE to be. 

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