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empowerment with plant wisdom

Aroma Freedom 

Technique™ (AFT)

Feel STUCK? Ever wonder, “What's wrong with ME?", “Why isn't IT happening for me?"


Often, our brain understands how a decision may benefit us, but we don't take action...or we turn in on ourselves for failing "again". Or maybe our inner GPS needs a coherent "destination" to head in the right direction!

  • What if I proposed that inner obstacles are related to unacknowledged emotions buried deep within us?

  • What if I proposed a simple, non-invasive way to quickly break through barriers and challenges?

  • What if a clinical psychologist developed this method so a Certified Practitioner can offer it to you on Zoom?


Aroma Freedom is one way to get
from where you are... to where you want to be.
numb emotions
purpose driven life AFT
AFT inner objections
AFT release emotions and set goals

What's AFT?

A simple, effective technique that incorporates specific Essential Oils with intention, deep breathing and visualization. This blend of traditionally accepted psycho-therapeutic approaches and aromatherapy interrupts, transforms and releases limiting subconscious emotions, memories and thoughts. Now we can ease toward achieving our heart's desires/goals. AFT was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a clinical psychologist with 20 years experience. He is an international speaker on topics of using essential oils in trauma release, brain wellness, and personal fulfillment. 

What happens during a session? 

A Certified AFT Practitioner is trained in a 12-step process to support you:
- FIRST, to get very clear on your goals and intentions (in alignment with your heart's inner GPS),
- NEXT, you're gently guided on a self-awareness journey to help you discover the underlying thoughts, emotions, experiences, and beliefs that inadvertently hinder you,
- THEN, specific essential oils help to release blocks, while creating space for new beliefs, possibilities and experiences to emerge,
- LASTLY, we co-create an action plan to help you achieve and sustain your goal. You receive a small bottle of a unique essential oil for homeplay. FIRST SESSION is booked for 90 minutes (includes a 15 minute complimentary follow up within 2 weeks). Actual session time varies but this allows time for the process to flow with ease and to answer questions. I am not a therapist or counselor, simply a facilitator of the process.

CAN AFT empower me?

YES!  It's recommended that your first AFT clearing be led by a certified practitioner to introduce the process. As you become familiar, you may choose to schedule another session with me or DIY. The Aroma Freedom Technique book can be purchased online if you want to learn more.


Essential Oils - Do I Need to purchase?

NO! Your AFT investment includes all the oils for your session + one for home use. AFT harnesses the therapeutic benefits of these Essential Oils: Stress Away, Frankincense, Lavender, Inner Child, Release, AND Believe (or Transformation).


* IF you have ALL the Young Living oils listed above, select the discount code (IHAVEOILS) on the reservation page below.

* NOTE: for phone or Zoom session, allow 7 days for your oils mini kit to arrive (U.S. ground shipping is included in fee). Allow additional time for international shipping (ship cost is a separate fee). You MUST have the oils prior to our session.


How do I reserve my Session?

SCROLL DOWN. Sessions are conducted in person, by phone or online via Zoom. Couples or small groups may prefer to do a clearing together - contact me to explore this option. If your session is NOT conducted in person, you must have the correct essential oils prior to our session. Scroll up for "Essential Oils" details.

I want to learn more about Essential oils!

Great! If you're already a Young Living member, you recognize that several oils are in the Premium Starter Kit. If you're not a member yet, click here. You may purchase additional oils as part of your initial order - contact me with questions.

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