Welcome to HEART-full Self-Mastery

Heartful Integrations offers an opportunity to re-discover the REAL YOU. The you...before STRESS took its toll.  Believe it or not, you're still in there!  Maybe you're buried under pressures of "grown up" responsibilities, expectations and obligations. Maybe you haven't connected with your precious side in a while...don't dive into guilt, blame, regret or other toxic emotions that may further block your inherent awesomeness. There is hope and it begins with AWARENESS!

Before you shake your head...what if I proposed that we CAN be responsible and empowered AND live a heart-based life fully reconnected with our joy, our spirit and our heart

​It begins with the Heartful Integration of all the various parts of ourselves. The good, the bad, and the "not-so-attractive" aspects. How about acceptance and self-forgiveness of our "shadow" that sometimes gets frustrated with others? How about honoring our previous choices...and cutting ourselves some slack?

The "real you" IS inherently:


Forgiving   JOY-full   Wise  Vibrant  Loving

Compassionate   AWE-some   Brilliant   


and so very HeartFULL! 


I invite you to re-turn to the authentic YOU that is waiting within. It
understands that this life of "smoke and mirrors" creates ​illusions about 
what's REALLY important!

Let's begin!