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Welcome to Heartful Self-Mastery

Heartful Integrations offers you a unique opportunity to
re-discover the real you. The you...before STRESS took its toll.  Believe it or not, you're still in there!  Ok, maybe you're really buried under all those pressures of our "grown up" responsibilities, expectations & obligations. No worries!  Maybe you haven't connected with that precious side of yourself lately but please don't dive into guilt, blame, regret or other toxic emotions that will further block your inherent awesomeness. There is hope!! It begins with AWARENESS!

Before you run the other way, shaking your pretty little head & thinking that I live in a dream world & that you have no time for such light-hearted frivolity...what if I told you that you CAN be a responsible, empowered adult AND live a heart-based life fully reconnected with your spirit & your heart

It begins with the Heartful Integration of all the various parts of ourselves. The good, the bad, and yes, the not-so-pretty aspects. Acceptance & self-forgiveness of our "shadow self" that sometimes gets frustrated with drivers on the freeway (& maybe waves the dreaded middle finger - gasp). Honoring that we've made some choices in life that may not have been the wisest in the moment...but how about cutting ourselves a little slack 20 years later when we see the experience so differently now?  Unforgiveness & regret lead to an early grave (google it...)

The "real you" IS inherently: Forgiving!   Joyful!   Wise!   Vibrant!  Loving!

Compassionate!   Amazing!  Awesome!  Powerful!  Brilliant!   Funny!   Glorious! Healthy!   Caring!  Masterful!  and so very Heartfullll! 

I invite you to come back to the authentic YOU that is within (yup ever-so-patiently waiting for you).  It understands that this life of smoke & mirrors creates illusions about what's really important...oh, and yes, you are deeply loved and let's get started!