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Resilience Advantage
Group Facilitation

skills for personal and professional effectiveness


The HeartMath® Resilience Advantage™ program is a science-based group training focused on tools and techniques that:



  • Foster INNOVATION and intentional DECISION MAKING, and

  • TRANSFORM STRESS in rapidly-changing organizational ecosystems.

Over 25 years of evidence-based research demonstrates that achieving, and sustaining, a state of "psychophysiological coherence" can enable you to harness and express the BEST VERSION of yourself. The exponential synergy of a "coherent team" yields results similar to those experienced in a coordinated group effort. For example, consider a victorious sports team, US Air Force Thunderbirds jets flying in a tight formation, or the goose bump-generating energy of a Cirque du Soleil performance. Group coherence can be energizing - and it's palpable and measurable.


The Resilience Advantage™ Training programs can help reignite your enthusiasm and purpose, recharge your inner battery and sustain effective habits that will serve you throughout your career and your personal life. This program is used by leaders in health care, Fortune 100 companies, active duty military and veterans, as well as professional athletes and Olympians. Now this "coherent leadership advantage" curriculum is available to you!

We intentionally partner with you to customize an event offering an insightful and interactive framework to foster stronger identity with organizational purpose and core values.

Individual Outcomes


  • Harmony, peace and balance on all levels

  • Improved energy and vitality

  • Better sleep quality

  • Enhanced memory, concentration, focus

  • Self-control over impulses, addictions or habits that no longer serve - make better choices “in the moment"

  • Improved intuition and problem-solving

  • Feel better...more often

  • Deeper, heart-based relationships: home, work, school.

Organizational Outcomes


  • Enriched communication: speaking and listening from the heart

  • Dignified composure under pressure: enhanced ability to respond to uncertainty

  • Improved resiliency and ability to motivate self and others

  • Enhanced team dynamics: authentic, respectful, purposeful, optimized performance in measurable domains

  • ROI: reduced employee turnover, absenteeism and re-work (improved focus resulted in fewer errors).

The Value of an Expert Consultant

As an organizational trainer at Mayo Clinic, Barbara and her co-facilitator team trained over 1100 employees and co-authored a peer-reviewed journal article showcasing their Organizational Resilience pilot study results. Full PDF available upon request.

In 2011, Barb was invited to join the HeartMath Senior Trainer team and completed an intensive immersion process to prepare her to serve as a "Trainer's Trainer and Mentor". Skilled in personal and professional applications of techniques and technology, Barb currently serves health care, military, and corporate organizations
across the globe
on virtual media platforms.

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