etheric soul blueprint alignment

Quantum Heart Catalyst Session

Customized just for you...

with the vortex energies of Sedona, AZ



Working in collaboration with your Divine Healing team, I offer re-alignment, restoration and activation of Heart Light Codes. The heart is the catalyst for profound healing which supports physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integration. Life experiences and challenges can create imbalance, stress, energy blocks or stuck emotions, beliefs or thoughts.

This session is designed to heal your heart, raise your vibration, and reignite your heart spark. Clients report enhanced intuition and ability to align with, and manifest, their heart's desires.


The following modalities may be included:

  • Reiki Energy Re-balancing,

  • Essential Oil Anointing to specific chakra and energy points,

  • Aromatherapy (or Aroma Freedom Technique if so guided),

  • Sound frequency,

  • Heart-based intentional and intuitive coaching


Home Care:  Customized Aromablend (10 ml rollerball applicator)


​​In-Office Session:  90 minutes  $222                                                              

The session takes place, fully clothed, within an etheric Light device, a 9-foot copper pyramid. The capstone, which is key in Light Amplification, was custom-crafted by Rion De'Rouen, founder of TEAM LIGHT.

This High Frequency Light Tool supports Accelerated Activation, Creativity, and Protection.

It’s the only one of its kind on the planet!

Want to know more about the pyramid?

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what's Up with the pyramid?

Pyramids have been around for thousands of years and are found around the globe. Egypt's Great Pyramid continues to captivate tourists. Egyptologist Stephen Mehler states that the word "pyramid" originates from the Greek words pyramis and pyramidos. "Pyramidos" translates to: "Fire In the Middle" (pyre = fire, mid=middle)

What better way to reignite our Heart Light Codes? 


The heart of this double Nubian Pyramid (yes, a pyramid within a pyramid) has a 7 inch double terminated Brazilian Vogel crystal wound in Copper Coil. The Crystal Vogel connects to a 12-sided wire wrapped Star Tetrahedron running clockwise and counterclockwise, which electrifies the properties of the Vogel Crystal. This generates a precision toroidal field, constantly elevating and cleansing the harmonic frequency of its location. Made with monoatomically bonded crystals, including AQUA AURA, ROSE GOLD, ANGELIC QUARTZ and a solid layer of precious BLUE AZURITE from Madagascar.


When combined, these crystals create spectrums of Light not found in any other devices – a proprietary process binds 24kt Gold molecularly to the quartz. The Light is most comparable to the spectrums found in 5D while the base layer consists of Ukrainian Shungite, Titanium, Neodymium, Hematite, Lodestones, Iron Oxide, Black Tourmaline, and Titanium Dioxide for Co2 reversal…and that’s just the bottom black layer. Additional layers consist of various crushed crystals, including emeralds.

I especially love the fulgurite from Thunder Mountain in Sedona, Arizona.


Visit TEAM LIGHT to get your own customized pyramid. Tell them Barbara referred you...                                                       

Clients Say...
"  Relaxed, Hopeful, Rejuvenated, Nurtured, Recharged, Focused, Balanced, Re-Connected to my Highest Purpose"