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You NEVER have to share Young Living or sell anything...EVER!
You NEVER have to carry an inventory or make this a business!
You DO get a 24% DISCOUNT!


Choose from a variety of Premium Starter Kits (several diffuser options, Thieves, NingXia Red supplement, Savvy Minerals Makeup) to earn your wholesale membership and save 24% off of retail prices. This is similar to a warehouse store membership discount, HOWEVER, with Young Living, there is NO ANNUAL membership fee and your wholesale Membership lasts a LIFETIME.  

NOTE: IF ever decide to UPGRADE from a retail customer to a wholesale membership (independent distributor), you must purchase a Starter Kit.  Immediately, you'll be assigned a distributor number and be able to utilize the benefits. There is NO MONTHLY MINIMUM PURCHASE and NO OBLIGATION to SELL or DISTRIBUTE. There are extra bonuses for distributors, including the OPTION of ESSENTIAL REWARDS (ER). The ER LOYALTY program allows you to earn FREE product and shipping discounts.

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