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Balanced Peak Performance
Emotional Flexibility Coaching

Rapid change and uncertainty are part of life. Our energy is pulled in many directions: career, family, pets, friends, responsibilities... Over time, we may notice that we just  are "not ourselves". In many cases, those around us notice these changes and bring them to our attention --- even well-meaning comments can leave us feeling guilty, ashamed or "less than".

  • ​​Does an area of life feel “out of balance"?

  • What keeps you up at night?  

  • Stress-related symptoms? High blood pressure, chest pain, digestion, headache, frustration, anxiety, low libido, sad, exhausted, overwhelmed, lonely, guilty, burned out...

  • Are you at a crossroad in your professional life?

  • Is a relationship shifting or filled with strained communication?

  • Have you lost your passion or purpose?

AWARENESS is the first step! Sometimes we're in survival mode. Many of us suffer in silence, afraid that if we admit our concerns, we'll be humiliated or appear like a failure to others. In my coaching experience, this is very common and many successful people experience misalignment on their life journey.


The bravest people I've had the honor to work with are authentic, vulnerable and heart-centered. The most successful ones are self-aware, manage their energy intelligently and are not afraid (or too proud) to ASK for HELP...and they don't take themselves TOO SERIOUSLY!

I blend two decades of intuitive healing methodology with the scientifically validated 
HeartMath® approach to customize a coaching plan to help you to “DE-STRESS" in the moment and to create choice points. Over time, with consistent practice, you create a more effective and efficient way of responding to former triggers, programs and belief systems.

YOU...more authentic, heart-full, empowered and vibrant!

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PRIVATE COACHING:  55 minutes    $222
Phone or Zoom

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Bundle: 4 Coach sessions         $800 ($888 value) 

Bundle: 4 Coach sessions
    +  Inner Balance sensor   
     $999   ($1087 value)

Coaching is one way to get from
where you are...

to where you

 DESIRE to be.