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unleash your inner healer  

Integrative Wellness Coaching

Whether you're facing a health challenge or wish to uplevel your current state of well-being, a coach may help!  Barb, a Registered Nurse, collaborates with you (and your health care provider, if you desire) to co-create a practical approach to optimize your wellness plan. You'll learn simple strategies for all phases of your medical treatment.
A state of inner balance helps you to unleash your innate healing capacity.


OUR INNER ENVIRONMENT (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc.) impacts our OUTER REALITY.
Minor changes can create major shifts!


A medical diagnosis generates a wide range of emotions. For example, we may hear:

  • "Your blood sugar is too high - no more desserts" (frustration, anger)

  • "We found a patch on your x-ray" (fear, hopelessness)

  • "You can't delay surgery" (helplessness, anxiety)

Science shows that EMOTIONS profoundly impact on our physical body. During times of real (or perceived) STRESS, our bodies produce biochemicals & hormones meant for survival: our “fight, flight, freeze" response. Stress hormones are released and circulate in the bloodstream - some linger for several days! Prolonged or chronic stress negatively impacts our health and our healing capacity!

Learning and practicing simple tools to self-regulate our emotions empowers us! We can take charge of our inner environment "in the moment"! 

I blend two decades of intuitive healing methodology with a scientifically validated HeartMath® approach to customize a coaching plan to help you to “DE-STRESS" in the moment and unleash your healing potential.

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