unleash your inner healing wisdom 

Integrative Wellness Coaching

Whether you wish to sustain your current state of well-being or if you're facing a health challenge, a coach may help!  Barb, a Registered Nurse, collaborates with you (and your health care provider, if you desire) to co-create a practical approach to optimize your treatment plan. You'll learn simple strategies to integrate before, during and after your treatment - to support a state of inner harmony and balance, and create an optimal environment to unleash your innate healing capacity.


OUR INNER ECOSYSTEM (words, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc.) manifests OUTER levels of wellness. Minor changes can create major shifts!


A serious or unexpected medical diagnosis may generate a wide range of emotions. For example we may be told:

  •  "Your blood sugar is too high - no more desserts" (frustration, anger)

  • "We found a patch on your x-ray" (fear, hopelessness)

  • "You can't put off that surgery any longer" (helplessness, anxiety)

Science shows that EMOTIONS have a profound impact on our physical body. During times of real (or perceived) STRESS, our bodies produce biochemicals & hormones meant for survival: our “fight, flight, freeze" response. Stress hormones are released and continue to circulate in the bloodstream - some linger for several days! Prolonged or chronic stress negatively impacts our health and our healing capacity!

Learning and practicing simple tools to self-regulate our emotions empowers us to take charge of our inner environment "in the moment"! We take charge of our response.

I blend two decades of intuitive healing methodology with the scientifically validated 
HeartMath® approach to customize a coaching plan to help you to “DE-STRESS" in the moment and unleash your healing potential.


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PRIVATE COACHING:  55 minutes    $222
Phone or Zoom

*Inquire about Couple or Family Fees

Bundle Deals


Bundle: 4 Coach sessions        $800 ($888 value) 

Bundle: 4 Coach sessions
    +  Inner Balance sensor   
     $999 ($1087 value)