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If you're new to essential oils, the person you choose to enroll with - can affect your learning, and your income stream. Thankfully, in 2012, I re-enrolled with a new sponsor, Angie Danek, a Silver Leader who is passionate about oils and is creating a successful business. I'm inspired...& learning, from her, how to help you.

So, which statement best describes you?

I'm interested in Essential Oils AND...
1. I don't want to have to sell them to anyone!
2. I'm curious but...I'm don't know anything about oils and I'm too shy, afraid, skeptical and/or anxious to try!
3. I'm already chasing my friends and family with a bottle of Lavender! And I'd love to learn the best way to introduce oils - from folks who successfully make a living doing so.

When you choose to join my team, I promise to meet you where you are. No pushy sales gimmicks, no quotas, never.
Your feelings may change over time so keep me posted if they do - I promise to:
- Share what I've learned, and
- Share resources --- who know much more than I do.

As a Registered Nurse, Reiki Master Teacher and Resilience coach, when I added oils to my life, life improved exponentially! I now offer oils to my clients for emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual support - with great results!
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Disclaimer: the contents of this video represent my experience and understanding. Any misquotes are unintentional. No comment are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or in any way serve as a substitute for your current health care regimen. Contact your health care provider with questions about integrating essential oils into your plan of care ...