Massage ~ Clinical Aromatherapy ~ Reiki Energy Equilibrium 

Are you aware that massage, energy work & many essential oils powerfully affect physiology & overall vitality?  
Are you tuned in to your body's energy level?  Right now, check in...what's your inner battery charge 100%  80%?  50%?  Less?  
Often, we pay more attention to our iBattery meter than our own body's energy level. Human beings must recharge too!  
Daily, our energy is being depleted from our energy account & leads to long-term health consequences that we don't even recognize 
~ until we're exhausted, burnout or experience dis-ease.     READ MORE 

Personal Resilience & Peak Performance Coaching

What do YOU really desire in life?  Do you feel you have all the tools to achieve your goals?  What keeps you up at night? Years ago, I'd ask myself “how did I NOT learn important life skills in my early years...did I miss that day of school?"  I don't mean math or history but the subtle skills required to thrive in life & In-JOY" the entire journey...with each & every heart beat.  

​To focus on what really  matters & not be distracted by what others may feel is important for us. To interrupt old habits, programs & beliefs that no longer serve us.  To be resilient & fearless regardless of what's occurring  around us.  And to know that sometimes, it's okay to aim & miss the target...without spiraling into insecurity, blame, shame or guilt.    
​There is no failure, only feedback.        ​READ MORE

Integrative Wellness Coaching

Whether your goal is to sustain your current state of well-being or if you're facing a health challenge, a wellness coach may help! 
Barb, a Registered Nurse, collaborates with you to co-create a practical approach to
optimize your medical or surgical treatment plan. You'll use simple strategies before, during &/or after your treatment to help the body return to a state of harmony & balance, as well as to create an optimal environment to unleash your innate healing capacity.   READ MORE

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