RETREATS for Health Care Professionals
​Renew and Recharge the Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit 

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As a health care provider, we give so much of our selves to those entrusted to our care. Before we know it,
we can end up feeling physically, mentally and emotionally drained.  You may have already experienced compassion
fatigue or burnout or asked yourself: why did I choose this profession?  You are not alone - I'm so glad you're here!

Many of our retreat co-facilitators are nurses. We honor your path and offer compassionate understanding of how you may feel. Previous retreat participants shared feelings of sadness, frustration, overwhelm, loss, grief, hopelessness, helplessness and exhaustion on all levels... We teach patients how to take better care of themselves and we celebrate their triumphs as they struggle with dis-ease. We also hold their hands, wipe their tears, and support their hearts - emotionally, as well as physically at times.  We care for the whole person - body, mind and spirit. What a blessing to share our talents in this way. I am  blessed to share my talents to support YOU and to help YOU become or remain healthy - body, mind and spirit. After all, don't they say "first, put on your own oxygen mask"? We are here to help you find your oxygen mask...

Simply choose to show up with an open mind and open heart, and we'll help you tune into and reconnect with the BEST version of you. We honor your journey and offer practical self-care skill sets and techniques to help you unplug, renew and recharge. These new skills can then be used AT WORK in the middle of a busy shift! And you can easily share with colleagues, patients and loved ones.

Be warned - laughter often breaks begins with a tiny smile or chuckle...then a belly laugh...followed by optional dancing in the aisles and even tears of joy as we recognize, and connect with, the playful child within who emerges from the inner shadows. And healing begins... 

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