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** As an organizational trainer at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix AZ, Barb and her co-facilitator team trained over 1100 employees over a five year period. Our Organizational Resilience pilot study was published in Stress & Health journal. 

Barb earned her advanced certification as a Master Trainer and is distinguished as a Trainer's Trainer - one of only two Registered Nurses qualified to offer onsite certification training for HeartMath LLC. Skilled in personal and professional applications of tools and technology, Barb currently serves health care, military, and corporate organizations across the globe.

    - Harmony, peace & balance on all levels.
    - Improved energy, vitality.
    - Better sleep quality - fall asleep faster & wake up refreshed.
    - Enhanced memory, concentration & focus.
    - Self-control over impulses, addictions or habits that no longer serve ~ make better choices “in the moment".
    - Feel better, more often.
    - Deeper, heart-based relationships - home, work, school.

Resilience Advantage™ Group Facilitation
Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

Congratulations!!You're a success! Do you sense the level of challenge or stress is on the rise?  Most clients
agree that work-life balance can easily slip into imbalance. Some days we are on top of our game, and others...
not so much. During a leadership stress management workshop in 2008, I witnessed a live demonstration of the
effects of stress on the body. A
scientific way to quantify stress? We know what stress feels like inside but to see it measured with technology? Simple interventions quickly and measurably reset the nervous system and return it to an optimal state.

During training, I introduce easy-to-learn intervention skills that, when used during a stressful moment, offer a choice in how we respond vs. re-act 
(regardless of trigger: traffic, meetings, certain people, etc.)! A powerful opportunity lies between stress and response...and it impacts overall ​physical, mental ​and emotional well-being now and in the long term!  

So what do you truly
desire? If early retirement is NOT an option, what's holding you back from a whole-hearted life? Could you benefit personally from exploring a new skill set? How about how you show up as a leader? Can you consistently motivate, inspire and lead while burdened with toxic emotions?  Professionally or personally, it can feel overwhelming, frustrating, depressing or debilitating. 
Today's dynamic work environment requires personal and organizational resilience to enhance effectiveness, productivity, teamwork, health and well‐being.  

The Resilience Advantage curriculum provides practical ideas and guidance in an insightful and interactive framework of self‐regulation tools and resilience‐building practices proven effective around the world.  

  • Dramatically helps individuals gain more poise and clarity in the face of change, uncertainty and overwhelm. 
  • Improved personal composure facilitates clearer thinking and a stronger identity with organizational purpose and core values.
  • An improved work culture builds upon and reinforces the strengths of employees, leading to increased productivity and innovation.

The Resilience Advantage Program is adaptable to your needs. It may be delivered in a
transformative full daymini-retreat (optional technology instruction), 4 hour workshop or
in a series of 1-2 hour sessions over several weeks or months.

Program Content:

► What is Resilience? Learn to quickly and easily build capacity for resilience - so you have it when you need it most!
► Building optimal personal and team performance skills to meet today's dynamic challenges with ease & grace.
Emotions -how they influence intelligent energy self-regulation, performance & well-being.
Coherence - what is it & how do our heart signals & rhythms impact our physiology?
Reconnect with your core values and heart. Begin to care for and heal your self. 
► Live demonstration of emWave® Pro technology (the Science of Heart Rate Variability).
► Impact of emotions on brain performance and executive functions.
► Freeze Frame®:  a tool to amplify strategic decision making, creativity,and intuition.
► Relational energetics impacts on team dynamics - the science of how we are connected, whether we're conscious of it or not.
► Getting team members in sync with each other and the organization at a deeper, more meaningful level
► Building long-term resilience capacity (over time we can retrain our brains to upgraded functioning).

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More research, training and technology information here. 

Group Facilitation available on-site or via Virtual Platform -
- please inquire about group options and rates.


Flexible Training Modules

Individual Outcomes

- Enriched communication - speaking & listening from the heart.
- Dignity under pressure - better able to respond to uncertainty & life's challenges.
- Improved capacity & ability to motivate self & others.
- Enhanced team dynamics - authentic, respectful, purposeful, optimized performance in measurable domains.
- ROI: reduced employee turnover, absenteeism & re-work (improved focus resulted in fewer errors).

Organizational Outcomes