Personal Resilience & Peak Performance Coaching  (for Indiviuals)
     ** "Micro group" coaching available - please contact us for details & promotions

  • Do you feel like you're at the top of your game & just looking for the next steps to your next adventure? 
  • Does something in your life feel “off" right now?
  • What's keeping you up at night?  Or are you having other stress-related symptoms, i.e. high blood pressure, chest pain, stomach upset, headaches, irritability, frustration, anxiety, low libido, exhaustion, etc.? 
  • Feel like you're at a crossroads in your professional life?
  • Does your long-term relationship feel like it's shifting or growing apart?  Is communication strained? 
  • Want to apply for that promotion but feel afraid to try?  Are self-sabotaging voices in your head holding you back? 

Whether you've set your sites on a specific goal or if you just feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed, personal coaching may help you to make sense of your next steps.  Life can sometimes feel like a challenge when we aren't feeling our best physically, emotionally, mentally or energetically.  Barb, a RN licensed mentor and coach, will collaborate with you to develop a practical plan to attain a higher degree of intelligent emotional self-regulation and to gain competence in using “in-the-moment" tools, techniques and technology to find clarity and achieve your goals. Whether you experience anxiety, depression, overwhelm, anger, professional burnout or if you struggle with stress related conditions, we'll design a plan that suits your unique needs.

During coaching, Barb will help you identify sources of your stress and energy drains. Next, Barb will introduce and guide you through a customized practice plan incorporating techniques to attain coherence, a state in which you can make better choices for yourself and those around you (at work and at home).  You'll learn how to quickly “hack into your operating system and delete/override old triggers, programs and beliefs that no longer serve you". Next we'll begin to create new neural pathways that offer more effective, efficient ways of processing life's challenges.  Over time, you'll override old habits and emotional reactions that previously impacted your ability to live in the moment, make creative decisions, and lead a joyful, vibrant life filled with well-being, ease and flow. 

Barb blends two decades of intuitive healing methodology with the scientifically validated HeartMath® approach to offer a program that is based on scientifically validated methods designed to help you to “de-stress" in the moment AND improve your brain/mental functions.

It's YOU, only a more authentic, heart-based, creative, empowered, vibrant, joy-filled version! 

Whether you decide to take advantage of my coaching packages or a stand-alone session, I can help you accomplish your goals. Science reveals that SHIFT HAPPENS with consistent, focused practice of these techniques. Results are directly proportional to the amount of time you invest in yourself.   PRACTICE + HEART = HEARTFUL EMPOWERMENT

​For private coaching, I recommend either a handheld device: emWave2® or an iPhone/iPad app/sensor: InnerBalance® (available here).

Phone or In-Office Sessions:   50 minutes: $125    
                                                            Series of 4   $444


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Integrative Wellness Coaching

Whether your goal is to sustain your current state of well-being or if you're facing a health challenge, a wellness coach
may help!  Barb, a Registered Nurse, collaborates with you (& your health care provider, if desired) to co-create a practical holistic approach to optimize your medical or surgical treatment plan.  You'll use simple strategies before, during &/or after your treatment to help the body return to a state of harmony & balance, as well as to create an optimal environment to unleash your innate healing capacity. 

A serious or unexpected medical diagnosis may generate a wide range of emotions.  For example, we may hear “change your diet" to control our blood sugar but we have a sweet tooth (frustration, anger); we may hear “cancer” and become paralyzed by emotions (fear, hopelessness); or our surgeon ​says you can't put off the heart valve or knee replacement any longer (helplessness, anxiety).

Science shows that
emotions have a profound impact on our physical body.  Under STRESS, our bodies produce biochemicals & hormones meant for survival: our “fight, flight or freeze" response.  After these stress hormones are released in our bloodstream, they continue to circulate for many hours; for example, the half life of cortisol is 12 hours!  And prolonged or chronic stress negatively impacts our health.  We certainly do NOT need that when our main focus is on healing an illness!  By using simple tools to self-regulate our emotions, we begin to take immediate charge of our response to the situation. And we regain some control during a time when we may feel very “out of our control".

Whether you decide to take advantage of my coaching packages or a stand-alone session, I am honored to support you in the accomplishment of your goals.  Science reveals that SHIFT HAPPENS with consistent committed practice, i.e. results are directly proportional to the amount of time you invest in yourself.    

​For private coaching, I recommend either a handheld device:  emWave2® or an iPhone/iPad app/sensor: InnerBalance® (available here).

Phone or In-Office Sessions:   50 minutes: $125    
                                                            Series of 4   $444