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Reiki - Dr. Lisa Masterson - The Doctors TV show

Reiki Sessions 
Integrative-Intuitive-​Energy ​Equilibrium

An ancient technique for stress reduction and ​ relaxation, Reiki enhances your 
body's innate healing capability and supports personal development.  20 years of experience as a Reiki practitioner and Master-Teacher has offered Barb the joyful opportunity to witness the expansion of hearts and minds, as well as profound shifts in consciousness.

​Awareness is often the first step to release subconscious 
past beliefs that sabotage our present and future.  Letting go with love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness (especially towards our Self) creates a sacred space from which we may remember our Truth, our Divine Essence and our Divine Purpose.  

Sound too woo-woo for you-you?  Reiki is mainstream! It is offered at top medical centers around the world including Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Cleveland Clinic and UCLA Medical Center.  Doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, massage therapists, first responders learn Reiki - not only to help patients, but to care for themselves. Today, burnout and compassion fatigue is widespread in healthcare - Reiki helps to offset energy drain, create emotional immunity, and build resilience. Reiki's benefits have even been featured on well-known medical TV programs like Dr. Oz and The Doctors

Research from the​ HeartMath Institute demonstrates that the HEART sends powerful information signals to the brain and to the rest of the body.  My intention for each client is to focus the heart's energy to activate the healing response, 
enhance vitality and to support a sacred space of remembrance of our innate wholeness & well-BEing for the Highest Good.

Healthy Skeptic who needs to see the science and measurable impact of an intervention? Yeah! Me too!!  Can we measure the impact of Reiki on heart rate variability? Yes, if you desire a pre and post-Reiki assessment, just ask when you are reserving your in-office session! Barb uses HeartMath's emWave®Pro Plus technology. If we are doing a distance Reiki session and you own an Inner Balance sensor, you can do your own study before and after the session. We've seen measurable improvements in baseline and are doing more research to support the validation of subtle energy work on the body.

Reiki In-Office, Phone or Skype Sessions:  
25 min: $30  ~ 
50 min: $60  ~  80 min: $90