Inner Balance Bluetooth
iPhone and Android

​​​​​​​So What's the Deal with these Products?

Do you need the technology to practice the HeartMath® System techniques?  NO...

Can the technology measure what is happening in your body (as you are using the techniques)? YES...

Why is that helpful?  In my practice, I see clients who have been meditating for a looong time and feel confident that their practice is beneficial. In most is. But are you certain that you consistently achieve a desired benefit?  And what if I suggested that there is a BIG difference between relaxation and coherence. Relaxation is just one part of a de-stressing equation. Yes, it means your heart rate slows down and you may feel better than when you are stressed. Yet there is an added benefit of heart-mind coherence on heart rate variability that is scientifically validated...and measurable. You may be find that you are less coherent than you think!  I did... And we may be missing the "feel good" hormonal benefits - in the moment and over time!

This technology is easy to use and comes in a variety of packaging, depending on your needs:
iPhone or iPad? Grab the Inner Balance iOS Lighting sensor (it's less expensive than the Bluetooth).
Android? Reach for the new Inner Balance Bluetooth.

Want PC/Mac access for multiple family members? Have a Healthcare practice? Want to play games to build coherence and resilience? The emWave Pro is for you!  A Pro Plus version is available for clinical assessments.

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Inner Balance Lightning wired sensor
iPhone/iPad only

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emWave Pro

for multiple users, Healthcare Professionals 

(or those who want the best in HRV technology and assessment)