“ Before I met you, I thought massage had to be deep and painful to be effective...several spa massages left me bruised and I figured “no pain, no gain". What a mistake! During your Reiki/massage, I felt stress knots melt. I felt even better the next day and had more energy at work with NO pain
                                   - Jared C., Phoenix, AZ

You helped my son come into this world & I'm forever grateful! After several trials of IVF & fertility drugs that really messed with my emotions, a friend at work recommended you & a few days later, so did my acupuncturist. During our coaching and Reiki sessions, your calmness & easy tips to create a ‘sacred energetic space' & to ‘welcome my new son's spirit' amazed me. And the essential oil blend you created for me and my husband was amazing! Kyle is almost 5 years old & when I look into those big blue eyes, you still come to mind. Thank you for de-stressing us & helping us create this blessing.    
​                        ~ Deanna T. , Scottsdale, AZ

​​“ After your workshop, I continue to use HeartMath® techniques at home and find it helps to de-escalate issues - namely, flair-ups with my teen-agers come down a notch or two.  When a stressful situation arises, my family sees me focus and breathe slowly and deeply.  Now, they follow my lead and, together, we allow the boiling point to dissipate down to a slow simmer. Then, meaningful conversations begin".                                         ~ Case Manager, Glendale, AZ

​​ Using the HeartMath® tools, I've been able to manage my stress better.  Moments when I usually feel my heart race, my face flush & my nerves stand on end have now changed to moments where I feel more in control...moments where I feel I can make a clear decision and feel good about it.
                  ~ C.R. Staff Nurse, Phoenix, AZ

“ I found it more powerful than many other programs I had experienced because it dealt with the whole-me, not just me-at-work or me-at-home or me-at-play. I was left with a toolbox and a whole lot of work to do for the rest of my life, rather than just another pretty binder on the shelf.  Anyone working in a stressful, uncertain world would benefit from discovering and advancing their own life plan while contributing to their employer's plan.
                                              ~ LG Philips LCD

“ It's just amazing the kind of focus and clarity you can get simply by blocking out the other noise.  It's very powerful.
~ Process Engineer, Fortune 50 company

​​“ I completed the four week individual executive coaching package and found it to be an effective tool to deal with stress and increase my productivity, clarity of thinking, intuitive listening and energy.

I see (this program) as a management tool to help boostemployee performance, creativity and health resulting in greater productivity, reduced absenteeism and better attitudes
                 ~ VP, EH&S, Fortune 500 company

Kind Words​

 My husband and I got pregnant after several miscarriages and only TWO sessions with you!  I'm in my 8th month & our baby is healthy. Thank you!
                     -Melody W.,  Prescott, AZ

 Mayo Clinic Arizona Staff Benefit From Evidence-Based Employee Wellness Initiatives       
                          ​~ Mayo Clinic Facebook page


“ While going through chemo for breast cancer, I was gifted a massage & Reiki session. Barb came to my home since I was tired & sick to my stomach...not even an hour after she left, my stomach settled & was able to eat dinner. My husband told me that I had color in my face & the next day we took a short walk.

The last 2 rounds of chemo kicked my butt - so to have energy to get off the couch, much less walk, was a Godsend. My kids had their Mom back!

I saw Barb every 2 weeks & felt better each time. My oncologist asked “what are you doing differently?"  I replied, “remember that massage script you wrote for me?" She smiled.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Darlene S., Peoria, AZ

​​​​ In December of 2012, I was told I needed open heart surgery to repair one of my valves.  I wanted to prep myself so I booked 4 weekly integrative wellness coaching and Reiki sessions prior to surgery.  Barb also did distance Reiki (on me & the surgical team) on the day of surgery; & stopped by the hospital to check on me (& energy work). The nurses & my surgeon were amazed at how well I was doing & that I wasn't using many pain meds. 

My doctor shook his head when I told him what I was doing but as he was discharging me several days sooner than expected, he asked for her contact.  I smiled when I saw her business cards in his office during a follow-up visit.

Barb helped me empower myself during a time that may be filled with anxiety, fear, vulnerability & pain.  I remained in control of my emotions & that gave me energy, hope & health. I'd recommend this to every one before any surgery - tell your doctor!
 - Elizabeth W. , Chandler, AZ