The HeartMath® System is a scientifically validated system of resilience-building and stress intervention techniques. People learn how to improve their capacity for resilience and to reverse the effects of stress in real time by using the power of their heart.

Study benefits include, but are not limited to, reduction in anxiety and stress, increased and sustained mental clarity, increased DHEA levels (vitality & performance enhancing hormone), reduced hypertension, improved sleep & immune function, creativity, improved brain performance & test taking ability, improved intuition, positive emotional states, vitality, enhanced communication & relationship satisfaction, and improved overall perception of well-being.  
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- 60% to 80% of primary care doctor visits are for stress-related disorders.  
~ Science of the Heart

- In a study of individuals with heart disease, psychological stress was the strongest predictor of future cardiac events.                                       ~ Mayo Clinic

The HeartMath® System is a program that mitigates the negative effects of STRESS on the body. And it does so in the moment! HeartMath® has developed practical strategies for interrupting negative thoughts before they trigger a negative emotional reaction.

During the process, we actively engage our innate heart-brain communication system which expands our perception, higher thinking functions and awareness. By disengaging from the negative trigger and instead focusing on our chest and area around our heart, we take the first step to interrupting default neural pathways responsible for non-productive looping thoughts and feelings.

This simple shift in our intention fosters the creation of new, more effective brain communication pathways.  Similar to an intense emotional boot camp, consistent practice and application of these techniques strengthens these newer, healthier pathways. Over time, a new baseline is created and what triggered us in the past is no longer as significant, or it completely falls off our stressor radar.

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