​​​AromaWellness Body Wrap 

​​Certain essential oils are known for their detoxification and metabolism enhancement properties. We took the best of several
amazing oils and created a relaxing and healthy treatment that supports detoxification and healthy weight in a natural way.  
Kick start your wellness plan! 
While clients have reported that their clothes fit better after the wrap (average 1/2 inch-6 inches
​has disappeared after one session), the main goal is well-being rather than inch loss from water retention and toxins.


  • Do not moisturize the morning of your wrap.  
  • Most ladies wear panties and a bra; gents are more comfortable in boxers.  Do bring a change of undergarments as yours will be damp afterwards.
  • If you desire to be measured before and after your wrap, we offer a measuring tape for your convenience and can assist if you wish. 
  • We begin with a brisk dry brushing of the extremities, back and torso - this enhances circulation, boost lymphatic drainage and feels great.
  • The solution is applied to your body then you will be firmly, but comfortably, wrapped and tucked into a warm bed to relax for 45 minutes. Most clients take the opportunity to nap within the session, however, you may choose to receive a complimentary 15 minute scalp massage.
  • After you are unwrapped, you may then return to work or go about your day. Drink plenty of lemon water before and after your wrap.
  • NOTE: Due to the blend of citrus oils, avoid sun or UV ray exposure for 24 hours to avoid skin sensitivity. Avoid this wrap if you have allergies to citrus (this will be included in the treatment intake form). 

In-Office Sessions:   60 minutes  $75

At Home Wellness Option

​Several oils are blended to create the foundation for this body wrap. 
Can you do this body wrap at home?  Of course and I'm happy to support you and share my formula during a 30 minute Healthy Weight ​Detoxification Consultation.  ​We can also explore other options including: extinguishing Emotional Eating patterns or supplementation options.

Virtual (phone or Skype) Sessions:    30 minutes  $30

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Raindrop Technique®

CLICK on IMAGE to view short VIDEO.

An essential oil massage technique that originated in the 1980's & is based on Lakota Native healing. It consists of application ​of powerful oils along the spine to support the immune system, promote spinal health and help bring the body back to balance.  This treatment is a natural adjunct in supporting conditions associated with chronic pain and inflammatory processes.  Some reported therapeutic qualities include:
                                               *  Promotes relaxation and release of stress                                    * Increases energy levels & stamina                                
  Facilitates release of toxins & bacteria​                                         * Boosts the immune system
*  Improves attention & concentration                                            * Supports mood & emotional stability
*  Supports spinal health                                                                        * Eases back pain, tension headaches & other pain symptoms
CLICK FOR DETAILS   Oils Used: Valor, Thyme, Oregano, Wintergreen, Cypress, Peppermint, Basil, Marjoram and Aroma Siez.

The oils are dispensed in little drops from approximately six inches above the back, reminiscent of raindrops. They are then gently massaged along the spine and back muscles and also applied to the feet's Vita-Flex points.  The process may continue to work in the body for up to one week, or more, following a session. “The Raindrop Technique is only one tool to help restore balance in the body that will result in good health.” (Essential Oils Desk Reference).

In-Office Sessions:   60 minutes  $90  Book as a single session or add to another treatment for enhanced benefits

Aromatherapy Treatments
Whether your goal is to sustain your current state of well-being or if you're facing a health challenge, essential oils may support you.  We use only certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils with high energetic frequencies. Click link for more information. 

Heartful Integration AromaHealing & Anointing 

​This holistic approach offers synergistic benefits which clients report are more pronounced than the sum of the individual treatments.  Often, our feeling of separation or a “disconnect" between various “parts" of ourselves is expressed as stress or toxic emotions.  Wellness is not just
the absence of dis-ease
but reflects the body's natural ability to heal itself. Our 
heart serves as a catalyst to our compassionate re-integration.

Clients' Comments:   Relaxed, Hopeful, Rejuvenated, Nurtured, Recharged, Focused, Restored, Resilient, Balanced: Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit.

* Gentle Swedish massage
* Reiki Energy Re-balancing
* Essential Oil Aromatherapy Anointing, and 
* Heart-based, intentional, intuitive healing...   
**Home Care:  customized aromablend (10 ml rollerball applicator)

In-Office Sessions:   80 minutes  $110


​​Customized AromaBlends

Can you create an essential oil blend at home?   Absolutely!
I'm honored to do so if you don't have:
time, interest or $$ to invest in a home apothecary.  

My alchemist role begins during our complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.  After your intentions or desires are confirmed & our consult concludes, a private ceremony begins.  Since each oil is derived from a living plant, it's full of vital life force energy which communicates with other living cells.  

Care is taken to create each blend in a energetically neutral environment, so as not to inadvertently imprint the alchemist's personal intentions onto the clients' oils.  The oils are energetically infused with your intention(s) for
24 hours in order to harmonize & amplify their qualities, as well as to best support you in creating positive shifts in your life.   

Each 10 ml rollerball applicator bottle contains fractionated coconut oil (carrier oil) - if you have a coconut allergy, there are other options. 

Daily Use: fragrance, part of a daily ritual, or to set the tone for the day.  

Phone Sessions:  15 minutes  Complimentary

Oils & shipping costs vary & will be determined at time of consultation.
PayPal, debit and credit cards are accepted at time of order.