A Personal Victory ~ from my Heart

PUBLIC SPEAKING is listed in the Top 3 Fears! I was no different - as a matter of fact I was so scared of speaking that I told a college professor that I needed to "skip class since my grandma passed away". That was kind of true...grandma DID pass away...when I was in 7th grade!!  I did anything I could to avoid public speaking and the associated anxiety, panic, nausea, heart palpitations, and sweaty palms that I felt just thinking about it.

At work meetings, I'd try to stay calm and not let my co-workers see me shaking. My boss, and good friend who is an eloquent speaker, saw my struggle and suggested Toastmasters - it helped but I was still very nervous. When my CNO offered me an opportunity to become a HeartMath trainer at Mayo Clinic, I almost declined but was promised that I'd learn techniques that would help me "transform stress in the moment". "We'll see", I said to myself. 

Over the past 8 years as a trainer/coach, I can honestly say the HeartMath system has transformed my life!  Do I still get a little nervous? Sure ~ but now I know how to channel that energy into enthusiasm. And I get to share the tools with my clients. In 2016, I decided to conquer my fear of public speaking by auditioning for my (and my late hubby Steve's) favorite TV game show: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  A few weeks later, I was in Las Vegas taping the show! Here's a link to my journey (at 52:22) or watch the Jan 16-20, 2017 episodes below. I share it to inspire YOU to realize you can be liberated from your fears ~ I am honored to be your coach if you allow me the opportunity to do so. Enjoy!   Video courtesy: MillionaireWanted38 (YouTube)

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barbara hudak, rn, b.s.n., m.s., lmt

Hello! I’m Barbara, an Integrative Wellness Consultant & Resilience Educator. As a Certified HeartMath® Master Trainer, Master Coach & Practitioner with two decades of nursing leadership experience, I support individuals & groups who seek enhanced levels of resilience, performance, energy & well-being. I offer private coaching sessions (phone, Skype or in-office) and group workshops (onsite or remote off-site) focused on evidence-based resilience & stress mitigation techniques.


30+ year nursing profession offered the honor of a glimpse into my patients' lives: the heartache of illness & the heartfelt joy of healing. It's all part of this Earth school of heart knocks.  I learned so much from my patients & listening is key – not with two ears but with a heart that’s wide open to capture the essence of what's not being said.

Focusing only on physical symptoms of dis-ease is not sufficient; we may miss key emotional, mental, spiritual & energetic clues as to why we’re not in perfect health. I'm also learning that we humans being, have much more in common than what we think separates us ~ it's through our willingness to share experiences that we begin to “feel”, to “deal” & to “heal”.  In the end, we’re stronger, more resilient & forever transformed by each experience…IF we choose to allow the transformation to take place…

My intention is to serve as a catalyst for self-discovery & personal growth. Not to do things “for you”, but rather, to assist in your re-connection to your inner wisdom, passion, resilience & vitality. For some, that may mean reviewing & clearing the past, for others it’s about how to mitigate “uncertainty anxiety” or “analysis paralysis".  For most of us, it’s learning to live in the moment (regardless of what life throws our way), to appreciate what we have & not resent what we feel we lack. 
To find the joy & peace that is patiently waiting for us...in a place we may not have considered exploring…within... 

Decades of searching for my own divine purpose led to a realization that I am here to help people awaken to their innate self-healing potential & support the transition to heart-based living. Why live from the heart?

Listening to patients reflect upon their lives from their hospital beds, I've never heard anyone say, “I wish I’d spent more time at work”.  I have heard: “I wish I’d taken my kids on that vacation" or “If only I'd listened to my gut instead of my parents...I never wanted to be a (insert current job)...I made a good living but...”   I saw people passing away with their deepest desires unrealized, dreams unmanifested & missions unfulfilled.  

Sound familiar?  It’s not too late!!  As long as we're still breathing, we have the opportunity to transform our life! More than ever before, individuals are awakening to their truth & taking steps to living an authentic heart-based, vibrant life. This is everyone’s birthright!

Helping you to live heartfully is why I'm here - let's get started!


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